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研发介绍.jpg    Zhejiang Laimei technology R & D center was founded in 2011 March, the total area of 700 square meters, a total investment of R & D and testing equipment more than 600 yuan, 1050000 yuan of liquidity, the main research direction for the green environmental protection functional fabrics, clean production in dyeing and printing of new technology, military camouflage tent cloth and water free digital ink-jet printing fabric.

    R & D center under the testing room, digital printing development room, creative design department, research department, the application of product quality control department, printing, dyeing process chamber research room. Center of technical research and development staff of 22 people, of which Dr. professional textile dyeing and finishing 3, 4 master's degree, undergraduate academic staff 11 people, college degree 4.

    In the past three years, through product innovation and process innovation and development center, the company has been awarded the "national high tech enterprise", "Chinese Textile Science and technology progress prize three", "zhongfanglian textile new product development contribution award", "Zhejiang province small and medium-sized enterprise technology center", "Zhejiang Province innovative enterprises", "Zhejiang Province patent demonstration enterprise", "Zhejiang province science and technology achievement transformation two award", "Huzhou South Taihu elite program leading talents", "Huzhou enterprise technology center", "Changxing County Professor Dr. flexible workstation" card technology and honor, also has been declared "National Torch Program" and "Zhejiang province postdoctoral workstation", in 2014 to participate in the formulation of textile industry standard 1. By the center for intellectual property and development of new products, so far the company has authorized 9 patents, 18 utility model patents, computer software copyright 9, and there are 15 inventions has been the admissibility of the State Intellectual Property office. At the same time, Zhejiang province science and Technology Department was identified "provincial new product" a total of 12, take "Huzhou science and technology projects" 1.2014 December was identified as "provincial high-tech R & D center".

   As one of the leading enterprise of Changxing County textile printing and dyeing, next I will with the Jiangnan University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and a number of textile dyeing and finishing of higher learning to carry out the following plan:

   1.Based on the original technological innovation and transformation of achievements have made certain achievements. To further strengthen the development of environmental protection functional home textile fabric of new products, improve the added value of products.

   2.completed the military high tenacity tent cloth industry production function.

   3.and strive to develop new products and new technology in 2 years of R & D costs account for the above products sales output value of 5%, at the same time, through the implementation of new product and new process to the enterprise every year to save water and reduce emissions above 30% printing and dyeing wastewater, every year more than 20% energy saving, to create green enterprises in Zhejiang province "".


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