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Established in 2002 February the CPC Zhejiang Laimei textile printing and Dyeing Technology Co., Ltd Branch Committee, the initial stage of the establishment of Communist Changxin Shengxin printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. Branch Committee, a total of 5 people of Party member. With the steady development of enterprises, in order to further strengthen the leadership of the party, in 2011 May changed its name to the Communist Party of China Zhejiang Laimei textile printing and Dyeing Technology Co., Ltd. Branch Committee, it has 3 activity groups, a total of 30 party members, flow Party member 12.

Laimei Party branch adhere to the "Xi Jinping General Secretary of party, from Yan Zhi party" approach to all members of the party put forward the "opposition to talk, emphasize action, emphasis on the implementation of" requirement, do innovation, work hard and be practical, put in place, breaking the normal work for the company, the new normal and orderly conduct of new period under non normal service.

 Branch through the development of "striving for excellence" activities, to enhance awareness of purpose, members of the overall situation consciousness, consciousness of the advanced model, makes the 

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